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All-Electric Tesla Prototype Imagined For Le Mans In 2030

Tesla has infamously shunned traditional marketing techniques and odds are that it will likely continue to do so well into the future.

However, if the electric automaker ever feels the need to promote its technologies and vehicles, there’s one avenue we’d love to see it pursue; prototype racing.

Yes, it is extremely unlikely to happen, but artists Jeroen Claus and Fabian Brees have decided to render a potential Tesla Le Mans prototype for the year 2030.

The project was submitted as part of the Michelin Design Challenge 2017 and provides a glimpse of a totally bespoke racer that looks unlike anything currently competing in LMP1 racing. In fact, from some angles, the racer more closely resembles a spaceship than a car. It’s therefore fitting that it has a number of SpaceX stickers.

Beyond the intriguing exterior design, the concept has been imagined with a complex electric powertrain capable of accelerating the prototype to over 450 km/h (280mph) down the famed Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans.




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