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Aston Martin Creates Limited-Edition Bicycle

Aston Martin may be busy developing a plethora of all-new vehicles, yet it has found the time to collaborate with renowned bicycle manufacturer Storck to create this, the Storck Fascernario.3 Aston Martin Edition.

Limited to just 107 units worldwide, the bicycle incorporates a carbon fiber frame that weighs just 770 g. When combined with a selection of other lightweight components, the entire thing tips the scales at mere 5.9 kg, and is remarkably strong.

Q by Aston Martin is responsible for the distinctive Argentum Nero paint which depending on the light, appears either grey, green or silver. Aston Martin says that it will soon launch a car with the same paint finish.

Speaking about the car, Aston Martin’s chief creative officer Marek Reichman said the bicycle is a culmination of the best Storck and Aston Martin have to offer.

“It was clear from the outset how the design, engineering and passion of the two brands could combine and what we’ve ended up with is a beautiful bicycle that reflects not only many of the key technical aspects of an Aston Martin, but also our ethos of excellence.”

Earlier this year, both McLaren and Bugatti launched limited edition bicycles.




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