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Dodge Performs Amazing Ice Dance Routine While Avoiding Camry

If you're ever unfortunate enough as to lose control of your car and slide uncontrollably towards incoming traffic, this right here would probably be the best outcome you could hope for.

All together, four different cars managed to escape this incident with little to no damage, and we're including the Dacia/Renault Logan that forced the driver of the Dodge Nitro to take evasive action in the first place.

Whether or not the Nitro was speeding to begin with is hard to assess. But it's a possibility seen as how it was already "off-road" by the time the Logan slotted back into its own lane - suggesting panic.

As for the other two cars, as far as we can tell the driver of the dashcam vehicle had no choice but to stop completely and hope the SUV wouldn't hit them, while that silver sedan was also presented with few options, banking right being the safest one.

In the end, the Nitro missing those two cars while spinning all over the road was simply a matter of luck. The driver did nothing more than slam on the brakes and keep the wheels pointing right until the car came to a halt. So no, it wasn't the perfect snow drift.




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