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Ferrari 458 GT Is A Brutal Alarm Clock For Driver

If you thought that waking up next to a track-focused Ferrari 458 was more of a dream come true, as it turns out, that's not always the case.

As you can imagine, race car drivers are not immune to feeling tired, especially after long hours of traveling, which isn't usually a problem unless you're about to get pranked by the very people who are otherwise there to help.

Here, the team decides to use an unconventional method for waking this guy up and while it may have seemed funny to them, he didn't appreciate it at all.

After they gently rolled the car back towards the couch, they fired up the engine, which wasn't what woke the driver up. By the way, that makes sense since he's probably used to hearing that power unit fire up.

Of course, once they revved the car, well, let's just say that's no way for a person to wake up. You can almost get a sense for how loud it actually was simply by turning up the volume on your speakers. Ouch.




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