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Is The McLaren 570S Spider The Perfect Supercar?

McLaren has yet to attract a fan base to rival Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini but the British marque�s models are some of the finest in the industry.

For performance-hungry enthusiasts, the McLaren 720S is one of the fastest cars currently on sale and soon, it�ll be surpassed by two, limited-run models from the carmaker. Take a step down the McLaren ladder and you land on the Sports Series range, home to arguably the segment�s most well-rounded mid-engine sports cars.

The newest addition to this family of models is the 570S Spider. Introduced earlier this year, it looks just as good as the hardtop, drives just as well, and thanks to the lack of a fixed roof, allows drivers to enjoy the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 in all of its glory.

To discover just how potent the car is, Jethro Bovingdon headed to some stunning Scottish roads and in typical Motor Trend fashion, the review is simply sensational, particularly when it comes to the videography.




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