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KBB Finds Out If The 2017 Ford Explorer Is A Worthy Segment Leader

In case you were wondering which has been this year's most popular non-premium midsize SUV, you won't be surprised to find out that the answer is the Ford Explorer.

Aside from making people worry if it's a law enforcement car when they see it in their rear-view mirror, the Explorer has a lot of other things going for it, such as a roomy interior and plenty of modern tech and convenience features.

According to Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio, the Explorer also brings a rugged exterior appearance to the table, one that's proven successful with midsize SUV buyers, helping Ford top this segment when it comes to sales.

Of course, the Explorer has plenty of worthy challengers, some of which even offering better features or more interior room. For example, both the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander can seat more people. Speaking of shortcomings, the Explorer's build quality and overall cabin material quality aren't that great either, with Muzio pointing out a couple of issues with the interior that might genuinely put you off.

As for what it's like to drive, the Explorer, while lacking any sort of sporty steering feel, is surprisingly grippy in corners for a vehicle of its size, and has a strong engine range, with the range-topping 365 HP twin-turbo V6 getting you from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 6 seconds.




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