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Revised Rules Might Lure McLaren In Entering The LMP1 Series

McLaren says it is intrigued by new regulations, which could make prototypes in the World Endurance Championship more relevant to road cars.

According to Motorsport, McLaren boss Zak Brown was involved in the second roundtable meeting of potential manufacturers, and while he did not say whether the British carmaker will get into prototype racing, his presence does give hope to the struggling series.

�We like lots of what they are saying: with the budgets and the level of technology they are talking, it's heading in a direction that means there is a strong interest on our part,� Brown said.

Back in August, Brown had commented that McLaren would build an LMP1 prototype if rules were changed to make the sport more cost-effective.

At the time, the executive said: �I believe the WEC has an opportunity to hit the reset button. I'd love them to get back to the Porsche 956 or 962 days, where factory and privateer teams can race together knowing they each have chances of winning. Right now, with the current rules, that's just not possible. But look at the success of the LMP2 category, where costs are controlled for the benefit of everyone, so I'd like to see that kind of thinking transferred to LMP1."




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