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Watch The Unveiling Of Tesla's All-Electric Semi Truck Here

After being delayed from its original October 26 debut, Tesla is just minutes away from finally introducing its all-electric Semi, aimed at revolutionizing the trucking industry.

As we await specific details of the Tesla Semi to be announced in the live stream embedded below, it’s worth briefly recapping what reports state we can expect to see.

Most significantly, the Tesla Semi is expected to feature a large lithium-ion battery pack that offers a range of between 200 and 300 miles.

Although specifics about the powertrain remain up in the air, the exterior design of the Tesla Semi is already believed to be out in the open, following shots that captured a prototype without any camoflage. As with Tesla’s current vehicles, the Semi’s design will be minimalist and lack traditional truck design elements, including a front grille.

More details as they come...



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