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The Lamborghini Accademia program provides participants with the opportunity to drive the Italian brand's very best vehicles in a number of different conditions, including on snow.

As you can imagine, driving a 600 hp+ all-wheel drive supercar on snow isn’t exactly easy, as many participants in the video below recently discovered.

The clip shows a host of Huracan and Aventador S models sliding around a specially-built racetrack covered in snow.

On tarmac, Lamborghini’s all-wheel drive supercars aren’t the most tail-happy vehicles on the planet. However, on snow, and with an experienced driver behind the wheel, they can expertly slide around corners.

Moreover, unlike a racetrack, the punishment for getting things wrong isn’t slamming into a concrete or steel barrier, but instead soft walls made from snow.

So, does driving get much more enjoyable than this? We don't think so...


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