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F&F Tokyo Drift Nissan 350Z Listed At £99,950

The famous Nissan 350Z owned by Takashi, or Drift King (DK) in 'Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift', could be yours, as it has been listed for sale on AutoTrader, for £99,950 ($134,222).

That's new Porsche 911 money, as the regular Nissan 350Zs on the used car market cost around £4,000-£5,000 ($5,371-$6,714), in Britain.

We even found one with 14,000 miles (22,530km) on the clock that's four years newer than the movie car, for £8,500 ($11,415), which makes it almost 12 times cheaper, and an actual bargain.

Believed to be one of two Nissan 350Zs that survived filming, as well as the primary one used in the famous drifting scenes and the only one equipped with performance upgrades (including the APS twin-turbo engine), this car is said to come from a private collector who purchased it straight from Universal Pictures, after the release of the film in 2006.

It was registered new in Japan four years earlier, and it's described as being "unique in every way", and "the car of every boy racer's dreams" by AutoTrader's Editorial Director, Erin Baker, who's optimistic that this 350Z can find someone to show it "a little bit more TLC than Takashi did 11 years ago".





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