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Ford Recalling Over 200,000 F-150s And Explorers With Loose Front Seats

Ford has issued a recall for over 200,000 F-150s and Explorers due to loose front seats.

It is reported that the upper left-hand pivot bolt for the front power seat adjuster could have come loose or fallen out. If this has happened, the seat could move excessively in a crash, therefore increasing the risk of injury.

In total, there are 202,274 F-150 and Explorer models embroiled in the recall, 177,264 of which were sold in the United States, 22,620 in Canada, and 2,390 in Mexico. The affected vehicles were built between January 22 and April 19, 2016.

To resolve the issue, Ford will measure the torque of the power seat track upper pivot link bolt and if the bolt passes the inspection, dealers will simply remove and clean it, apply new threadlock, and reinstall the bolt.




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