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It Takes 1,250 HP To Put McLaren 720S In A Corner

Godzilla has been trying to slay the McLaren 720S for quite some time now, and after failing to do so using 720 HP and 930 HP respectively, this latest GT-R came prepared.

After seeing this stock 720S run circles around a 930 HP Nissan GT-R last week, we became even more curious as to what it would take to finally beat the McLaren in a straight line - and by that we mean destroy it like it has destroyed all of its opponents thus far.

Here's today's contender: A 1,250 HP (1,108 WHP) twin turbo Nissan GT-R, sipping E85 fuel and wearing an ETS 3582r Turbo kit, among multiple other mods.

While racing against the McLaren, the Nissan managed to get from 60 to 130 mph (96 km/h - 209 km/h) in just 4.0 seconds, and from 100 to 150 mph (161 km/h - 241 km/h) in 3.8 seconds. Yes, that is extremely fast, even by hypercar standards.

The two cars raced twice, where the Nissan went with a Low Boost setting for the second race, putting down "only" 920 HP. Let's just say that allowed the 720S to get some of its dignity back, after how things went down in the initial sprint.




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