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Lazzarini Design Imagines An Isotta Retro Flying Car

Italian coachbuilder Lazzarini Design has dreamt up a retro flying car inspired by the 1920’s Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8.

Lazzarini’s crazy creation consists of four turbine engines that would allow for vertical take-off and landing, while also providing enough thrust to reach a hypothetical top speed of over 342 mph (550 km).

Unlike most flying cars, the Lazzarini doesn’t actually feature wheels. Instead, it can be used as a hovercraft when the owner wants to explore the world from ground level. To ensure the flying car is up to the rigours of everyday use, it would be constructed from light and strong carbon fiber.

Such a vehicle will never see the light of day but it is interesting to see a novel take on the flying car.





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