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Tesla Promises To Launch Electric Pickup After Model Y Crossover

Tesla boss Elon Musk has confirmed his intention of launching the all-electric pickup truck after the Model Y.

The electric automaker is still struggling with ramping up production of the Model 3 but that hasn’t stopped Tesla from dreaming up what is next.

Like the Model 3 is essentially a smaller and cheaper version of the Model S, the upcoming Model Y crossover will be a smaller alternative to the Model X. It has the potential to be the firm’s best-selling model and will inevitably boost Tesla production to unexplored heights. Despite the challenges it will present, Musk is looking beyond it.

At the global premiere of the new Tesla Semi and Tesla Roadster last month, the car manufacturer shared a single sketch of its long-awaited pickup. Curiously, the vehicle depicted was based on the Tesla Semi and actually large enough to fit a full-size pickup in its cargo area.

Jalopnik asserts that such a huge Tesla pickup is unlikely to become a reality and that the production-spec one will be similar in size to the Ford F-150.

Taking to Twitter, Musk said he has been thinking about the pickup for almost five years and is “dying to build it.”




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