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Toyota's 86 Performance Kit Adds Tons Of Stuff, Except, Well...Performance

Ever since it was launched, both the Press and the public have been clamoring for Toyota to make the 86 more powerful, but the company didn't satisfy their requests.

What they did recently was the introduction of a performance kit in Australia. Offered on the GTS and GT grades, regardless of the selected transmission, it adds an AUD $2,200 and $2,900 (USD $1,665 - $2,195) premium respectively, and comes with a number of mechanical and visual enhancements.

The list includes larger Brembo brakes, for improved stopping power, specially-tuned Sachs performance dampers to increase handling stability and responsiveness, and a set of 17-inch alloy wheels, with a 10-spoke pattern and anthracite finish.

Additionally, buyers of the new performance pack, which used to be offered on a limited-run of just 60 cars back in June, can order the new Moon Slate exterior color in a special version that gets black finish for the wheels, side mirror casings, and rear spoiler, and red interior trim, as well, from AUD $39,400 (USD $29,835).

Finally, the introduction of the optional kit is joined by an upgrade made to the Toyota 86's satelline navigation system on the GT grade, and updated multimedia system across the range.

Prices for the tweaked Toyota 86 start from AUD $31,440 (USD $23,807) in Australia for the 6-speed manual gearbox version, and AUD $36,640 (USD $27,745) for the six-speed automatic.

So, despite the "performance" label, the 86 gets lots of things but not improved performance. OK Toyota, we got the message: even though the chassis can handle it, you have no intention to give your compact coupe more power. Guess we'll have to cross our fingers and wait for its replacement for that.




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