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Are You Brave Enough For This Turbo, Manual Rolls Royce Hotrod?

If you’re looking for crazy projects that make a lot of noise while going fast, then this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II might just be the right car for you.

Created by Corbin Goodwin, the guy behind the Internet-famous "Zero-F*cks-given RX7", this Rolls Royce is a deeply personal project, aimed at making this vintage luxury car go fast and occasionally sideways.

It’s not going to please the majority of the people out there, with coolant and turbo pipes mounted outside the body, which also has been modified extensively in case you didn't notice.

The radiator is now sitting at the trunk, with a big side scoop feeding air to it and homemade fender flares making room for a set of 19-inch wheels straight from a Porsche Panamera. The 6.75-liter V8 has gained a twin-scroll turbocharger and a Holley carburettor which is adapted to the stock intake manifold, with the intercooler mounted again externally.

The owner opted for a four-speed manual transmission from a Ford F-250 pickup truck while the rear differential is welded. The car also features King coilover shocks, originally created for off-road use, complete with their independent reservoir.

This rather unique Rolls Royce is currently offered in an auction over at Bring A Trailer.




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