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Aston Martin Recalls DB11s Over Daimler Steering Column Issue

Aston Martin is recalling all 3,873 examples of the DB11 produced since the vehicle’s introduction in late 2015, due to a recall of faulty steering column components produced by Daimler.

The steering column components in question can cause unintended airbag deployments and last year, resulted in more than 1 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles being recalled over the issue.

The components were also supplied to Nissan who swiftly announced it was recalling 17,500 vehicles from the Infiniti brand.

Improper grounding in the steering components can leave the circuitry vulnerable to electrostatic charges that can trigger the airbags to deploy. Mercedes received a “handful” of reports of drivers suffering minor abrasions or bruises because of the problem. No Aston Martin DB11 owners have reported issues.

Nevertheless, the British company will carry out the required repair work free of charge and in less than two hours.

Aston Martin spokesman Kevin Watters confirmed the recall to Reuters, saying that it was to “address an issue with the DB11 steering column upper.”

This isn’t the first recall issued for the DB11. In July 2017, Aston Martin recalled 319 examples in the United States over reports of a problem with the tire-pressure monitoring system that failed to meet federal regulations. All DB11s in the U.S. at the time were caught up in the recall.
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