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Hyundai Creates World's First Panoramic Sunroof Airbag

Panoramic sunroofs have become the latest must-have for new car buyers and Hyundai is looking to answer any and all safety concerns about these glass roofs. Thus, the South Korean automaker has recently created a panoramic sunroof airbag, which it says is the first of its kind in the industry.

Hyundai’s solution involves an airbag being installed inside the sunroof mechanism of the tempered glass roof. If an on-board sensor detects the vehicle about to roll over during a crash, the airbag is deployed forward from the rear of the car and covers the entire roof surface in a mere 0.08 seconds.

The automaker claims that its sunroof airbag system prevents passengers from spilling out of the vehicle in a rollover, thus greatly reducing the risk of them sustaining serious injuries, although they didn't provide any info about when they intend to introduce it to its production vehicles.




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