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Liberty Walk Creates A Wacky Widebody Lamborghini 'Miura'

In recent years, Japanese tuner Liberty Walk has created a number of weird and wacky widebody creations, comprehensively modifying the likes of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and everything in between.

For the most part, the company has shied away from working on classics. No more, as the veil has just been lifted on a widebody Lamborghini Miura at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Well, at least it looks like a widebody Miura on first impressions. In actual fact, it is a totally bespoke car created by Liberty Walk that’s based on the chassis of a replica Ford GT40. In essence, it is an Italian replica based on an American replica that’s been forged in Japan. That’s a rather strange coming together of worlds but the results are quite impressive.

Like a real Miura, Liberty Walk’s Miura replica is exceptionally low and barely comes up to waist height. A set of huge wheels and low suspension then provide the car with the stance necessary of any car from the mind of Wataru Kato, Liberty Walk’s founder.

While the front of the replica is very impressive, we actually think the rear is the best looking area. For example, the window has been covered in slim louvers and a large ducktail spoiler has been fitted.

Considering that just 764 examples of the Lamborghini Miura were ever produced, we’re glad Liberty Walk decided against modifying a real one.


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