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Pirelli Developed Six Different Tires For The Lamborghini Urus

At 4,850 pounds or 2,200 kg, the Lamborghini Urus may not weigh as much as some SUVs – but it's still a good 800 pounds or more than 360kg heavier than the Aventador. And with 641 horsepower, keeping all that mass and power under control places very high demands on its tires.

To handle it all, Lamborghini placed its trust in Pirelli, which developed not one or two sets of tires for the super sport utility vehicle, but six.

The Italian manufacturers are offering the Urus with a choice of P Zero, P Zero Corsa, or four versions of the Scorpion – the same line of rubber that shod the LM002 back in the day.

Beyond the standard P Zero, the Corsa tires are designed for track work, should owners wish to lap their hi-po crossovers around the racing circuit. (It is a Lamborghini, after all.) The Scorpion is designed for use on varied surfaces, and is also offered in all-season, winter, and all-terrain versions.

That's a heck of a variety of rubber for one vehicle, and we'd be surprised if many customers ordered theirs with less than two.

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