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Tesla Celebrates The Holidays With Santa Mode Easter Egg

To help celebrate the holiday season, Tesla has introduced a special ‘Santa Mode’ easter egg for the Model S and Model X.

Santa Mode can be accessed through the Easter egg section of the infotainment system which now features a reindeer button. Once engaged, Santa Mode transforms the car usually displayed on the digital gauge cluster into a Santa sleigh and surrounding vehicles into reindeers.

Additionally, Santa Mode starts playing ‘Run Rudolph Run’ and when a turn signal is engaged, the sound of sleigh bells fills the cockpit. Last but not least, the road displayed on the dash turns icy on those Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles with Autopilot.

Last year, Tesla introduced a different Christmas easter egg. At the press of a button, it saw the vehicle opening and closing its doors, flashing the lights, and playing Christmas tunes in a rather dazzling display.




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