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Consumer Reports Advises Against Relying On Tesla Model S' Autopilot

Consumer Reports are revisiting the Tesla Model S, a car that's not exactly new to begin with, as it was launched in 2012, receiving a facelift last year.

However, the review brings us up to date with Tesla's latest revisions.

Thanks to a network of quick charging stations, filling the battery doesn’t take that long, and once you're done, expect a driving range in excess of 350 miles (563km) in the 100D grade, or 275 miles (443km) in the entry-level 75D.

The instant torque provided by the electric powertrain is another reward of driving a Tesla Model S, which tackles corners quite well thanks to its balanced weight distribution, and absorbs most bumps on the road.

Inside, the cabin is dominated by a huge 17-inch touch-screen display that controls pretty much everything, from the suspension ride height to the infotainment system and sunroof, and gives the zero-emission sedan a futuristic yet minimalistic look.

Over the years, Elon Musk's company has significantly upgraded the Model S, from adding new batteries and all-wheel drive, to various other technologies. The most discussed highlight, though, is the Autopilot system, a function that allows drivers to relax behind the wheel on the motorway or in congested traffic, but CR advises users not to rely on it as the "ultimate self-driving system", as it's far from flawless.




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