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This Is How Fast The New Tesla Roadster Really Is

It's one thing to read about a new car's specs, and a completely different story to experience it firsthand.

However, in the case of the all-new Tesla Roadster, most of us won't get near it until early next decade, so the only way to check it out right now is by watching these short video posted online.

One of the clips bears Electrek's name, and it shows Tesla Motors' sportiest vehicle ever doing a couple of short accelerations, shot via a 360-degree camera, so that you can adjust the angle.

To those that missed our initial coverage of the second generation Tesla Roadster, we will remind you that it packs a 200kWh battery pack. Zero to 60mph (96km/h) takes just 1.9sec, or approximately half a second faster than a Bugatti Chiron, and its digital speedometer will show 100mph (160km/h) after 4.2sec.

Moreover, the initial numbers also reveal that it can run down the quarter mile in 8.9sec, before topping out at over 250mph (402km/h).

This impressive performance comes at a steep price, as the new Tesla Roadster is said to start at $200,000.




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