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Would This Study Work As A Tesla Model S Replacement?

The Model S has received lots of praise for most of its features, but one thing that could be improved is its anodyne front end. Designer Steel Drake came up with a render that looks nothing like any of Tesla's current models.

Named the Model SD, it measures 4,925 mm (193.9 in) in length, 1,930 mm (76 in) in width and 1,400 mm (55 in) in height, which makes it slightly smaller in all dimensions than the Model S, although it's still very comparable in size.

Among its most distinguishable features are the multicolor light strip at the front, the suicide door setup, as well as the absence of a rear window, which probably means a camera system helping the driver see what's going on behind.

A closer look also reveals that the headlights are hidden behind the front fascia, which is an interesting touch, unlike the rear door design with its small window and low visibility - the kids would definitely not enjoy staring at a door panel on road trips, regardless of how high tech the interior might be.

We doubt Tesla would come up with something like this when the time comes to replace the Model S, but what do you think about this render: yay or nay?




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