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BMW Vision Grand Tourer Render Takes Us Into The Year 2040

While it's a stretch to imagine that cars will look fundamentally different to what they do now in just 20 years time, some artists still do a great job at illustrating a fully autonomous and electric style.

This is the Vision Grand Tourer, a hypothetical BMW-badged performance and luxury concept that would be capable of traveling at high speeds and covering long distances the "zero emissions way".

Artist Glorin Tsiourea says that this car's cabin features four distinctive modes: Work, Fun, Resting and Traveling & Sighting mode. That large canopy should definitely work great with each mode.

Quick note, if this was a real BMW concept, we'd imagine it would have been called the Gran Tourer, not Grand, since that's how BMW seems to prefer things.

Anyway, the styling of the car is certainly futuristic enough. Again, perhaps too futuristic for the year 2040 (real world progress doesn't move that fast), but at least it's got some recognizable BMW design traits we can look at.

For example, the grille is a stretched out version of what we saw on the i Vision Dynamics concept recently, while the taillights look like a more modern interpretation of those found on both the 8-Series Concept as well as the Concept Z4. We also like how there's a BMW badge where the C-pillar would normally be on a real car - kind of how it is on the upcoming X2.




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