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BMW X2 Loses Just About All Camo, Digital Or Otherwise

Seeing the new BMW X2 almost completely undisguised has been a long time coming.

This prototype, spotted recently on a trailer, still has a little bit of tape left on the taillights, around the rear window and surrounding the kidney grille. Thankfully, there's very little of it and we can pretty much see the whole car in all its splendor.

What we're looking at appears to be more of an entry-level version, missing any sporty or stylish exterior packages as far as we can tell. We are however happy to report that the headlights are just as aggressive as those patent images from last summer indicated they would be.

Another thing worth pointing out with regards to this prototype is that even its BMW logo on the C-pillars is visible - a new and interesting trend that BMW is looking to start, one that might even make it onto other models.

The only thing we want to see now before the X2's full unveiling, are some shots of the interior, although we expect it to mirror its sister model, the X1, in that particular department.

Still, here's to hoping BMW will put the X2 in front of our eyes before the end of the year, something that's beginning to look more probable with each passing prototype spied.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops




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