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Gran Turismo Sport Falls Short Of Expectations In First Official Review

While it may be the best Gran Turismo game to date, this latest installment seems less rewarding than rival titles such as Project CARS 2 or Forza 7.

At least, that's what the good folks at IGN say, who provided us with in-depth reviews on both PC2 as well as Forza 7 (Xbox exclusive) quite recently. If you want to go by score, the 7.5 rating earned by GT Sport was the lowest of the three.

There is a large online factor to Gran Turismo Sport, which in turn makes the single player offline campaign feel less complex than expected. The rather limited car selection doesn't help either.

Of course, it's not all bad. GT Sport features a very impressive VR functionality that immerses you in the game in a very unique way. It also works extremely well with a wheel, apparently.

Another positive is GT Sport's Sportsmanship rating, which rewards respectful and efficient drivers online. It may not be a perfect system (you can get penalized even if a collision isn't your fault), but it's not that unfair either.

In the end, if you're a massive online racing fan or simply want to experience Gran Turismo Sport in virtual reality, this game should definitely be worth buying. If not, Project CARS 2 is there for the taking.




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