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How Does The Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge Appeal To Millennials?

When Rolls-Royce launched its Black Badge versions of the Ghost and Wraith in early 2016, the automaker said it was targeting younger buyers.

Of course, very few people from the younger generation have the money to cough up almost half a million dollars for a Rolls but the blacked-out exteriors and colorful interior options available in the Black Badge series certainly don’t appeal to all that many older folks. Evidently, if you’re not young and rich, they aren’t for you.

In an effort to show us how the Ghost Black Badge appeals to millennials, Engineering Explained spent a little bit of time with the luxury sedan, exploring all of its tiny details and eye-catching features.

One of the most notable elements of the Ghost Black Badge is the composite carbon alloy wheels which have 22 layers of carbon fiber folded back on themselves to create 44 individual layers. Rolls-Royce has then bonded the rim to the aircraft-grade aluminum hub with titanium fasteners.

Inside, the Black Badge featured here is bathed in blue and black leather and is far from subtle. Some may think the bright interior looks tacky while others would call it classy. Whatever your thoughts are, it is undeniably a talking point and a sure-fire way to get younger people interested in Rolls-Royce models.




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