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Hyundai HyperEconiq Ioniq Is A Hypermilers Dream Car

The SEMA news continues as Hyundai has taken the wraps off the HyperEconiq Ioniq concept.

Designed for maximum efficiency, the HyperEconiq Ioniq is a hypermilers dream car as it has an aerodynamic exterior which has been designed to minimize drag. In order to achieve this, Bisimoto Engineering installed a "Dream Aero" kit which includes a front splitter, side splitters, rear wheel covers, and an optimized rear spoiler.

The aerodynamic styling tweaks don't stop with the body kit as the tuning firm also installed a Progress Performance coilover suspension which reduces the car's ride height.

Weight is an enemy of efficiency so Bisimoto Engineering added 19-inch carbon fiber wheels with lightweight ARP studs and low-rolling resistance tires. They are backed up by Buddy Club aluminum brake calipers.

Under the hood, the Ioniq's engine has been outfitted with NGK spark plugs, low-friction oil, and a "pulse-chamber exhaust system for enhanced volumetric efficiency." The concept also has enhanced e-generators and "optimized inertial supercharging during valvetrain overlap."

Rounding out the changes are Recaro Pole Position racing seats and a Racepak OBD-monitoring system.

Thanks to all of the aforementioned modifications, the HyperEconiq Ioniq was able to return up to 83 mpg US (99.6 mpg UK / 2.8L/100km) combined during testing.

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