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Kia Sinaan Is An Out Of This World And Possibly, Century Too, Design Study

In recent years, both professional as well as amateur car designers have become pretty good at drawing up vehicles for 20 or even 30 years into the future.

Knowing for a fact that we're heading towards having fully autonomous cars and full-electric propulsion systems had a lot to do with that, dictating how certain designs could evolve over time.

Yet, there are still some talented artists that once in a while come up with something so futuristic, we can't even imagine a proper time period for it, let alone a use.

This so-called Kia Sinaan concept is quite baffling to look at. It was thought up and brought to life by Daniel Yixuan Song, who apparently took terms like "flared fenders" and "high downforce", combining them to create a vehicle that could be anything from a hypercar to some type of race car, or even a toy car.

And to think that in real life, the most "futuristic" real life concept ever unveiled by Kia was probably the GT4 Stinger from 2014. Something that looks as outlandish as the Sinaan might be half or even an entire century away.




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