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Modified McLaren 570S Hurls All The Way To 215 MPH / 347KPH

While the McLaren 570S is the British firm’s entry-level model, it is by no means a slouch.

In fact, we recently found out that it can keep up with the more powerful McLaren 12C and through some minor engine modifications, can easily accelerate to well beyond 200 mph (320 km/h).

AutoTopNL recently jumped behind the wheel of a modified 570S, now delivering an immensely impressive 676 hp, a touch more than the 675LT. When let loose on the Autobahn, it managed to reach a blistering 215 mph (347 km/h) with relative ease.

It’s worth noting that while the supercar’s digital speedometer displayed 347 km/h, the more-accurate GPS-speedo detected a top speed of 330 km/h. Nevertheless, that’s still an incredible speed, especially considering that the car didn’t even shift into 7th gear.




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