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Few cars make the hairs on the back of your neck up stand up the moment you hear their name. The Porsche 911 Turbo is one of them.

Arguably the most iconic variant of the 911 produced by the German automaker, the Turbo has been a mainstay of Porsche’s range since 1975 and continues to push the boundaries of performance.

Picking a 911 Turbo to rule over the rest is impossible but the 964-generation is certainly one of the most recognizable and in recent years, has become a must-have for collectors. With a price tag of $375,000, this example from Crave Luxury Auto shows that there is a lot of demand for the sports car.

Admittedly, this 964 911 Turbo isn’t like most. For starters, it is reportedly the only one finished in Paint to Sample Pearl White and was the last 964-gen Turbo built for the U.S. market. It was ordered through Porsche’s Exclusive division, also known as Sunderwunsch or ‘Special Wishes’ program.

Beyond its unique paint finish, the car is exceptionally desirable because it only has 712 miles on the clock and appears to be in impeccable condition.


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