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If you’re a Ford Mustang owner and looking for a way to modify it without sacrificing its good looks or reliability, Roush should definitely be taken into consideration.

The company has been creating some of the market’s finest Mustangs for decades and has recently dropped a teaser image of its latest project, now based on the facelifted 2018 Mustang.

Thanks to Mustang6g, we can tell that the muscle car’s front end will look very familiar. Like the P-51 Mustang the company released in June, Roush’s 2018 Mustang adopts a bespoke front grille with horizontal slats and a small badge.

Little else is known about what Roush is planning with its latest Mustang project. Its first swing at the 2018 model year could simply be a package consisting of minor visual and performance tweaks, for example. Alternatively, Roush may look to jump straight into the deep-end with a creation delivering in excess of 700 hp.

Whatever the case may be, a premiere at the SEMA show is likely.


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