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Toyota GR HV Sports Is A Hybrid 86 With Le Mans Tech And A Weird Face

The GT86-based GR HV Sports concept portrays Toyota’s will to make gasoline-electric cars an interesting proposition to petrolheads with the kind help of its Le Mans racer.

According to the company, the THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing) powertrain of the GR HV Sports concept uses technology from their TS050 Hybrid Le Mans racer, without revealing details like what kind of petrol engine it uses or how much power it makes.

The highlight of this sporty hybrid concept can be found however on the transmission choice; the six-speed automatic gearbox is paired with an H-pattern gear selector, allowing the driver to change gears by using the lever, just like a manual but without the clutch pedal.

The hybrid powertrain’s battery pack is mounted right in the middle of the chassis and behind the seats in order to keep weight close to the center of gravity for better handling.

The design was also inspired by the TS050 Hybrid Le Mans racer, with the car featuring a completely new face with big LED headlights, wider fenders and a new rear end that has the exhaust higher and through the bumper to make room for the giant diffuser. It also has a targa top, as a nod to the company’s past sports cars like the Toyota Sports 800.

An array of switches for the automatic gearbox are mounted on the dashboard, with the manual transmission mode engaged with the single press of a button while Toyota has also added the push button ignition switch on the shift knob.

While the idea behind the concept is really interesting, the truth is we expected Toyota to give us more juicy details on the sporty hybrid stuff.





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