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Tuned 991 Turbo S Sounds Like An AMG GT S, Goes Like The Wind

If there's one negative thing you could say about Porsche's 911 Turbo lineup, is that, to some ears, they don't sound as frightening as rivals from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes or Audi.

The 911 remains a sort of gentleman's supercar, traditional in every sense of the word. It's probably why Porsche have never bothered giving it "mad" crackles and bangs on every downshift.

Of course, that hasn't stopped certain owners from taking their Turbos and dialing things up to 1,000. This one for example has been tuned to produce 760 HP while howling through a custom Fi exhaust system.

Aside from sounding more like a throaty AMG car than a Porsche, this 911 put up some impressive numbers during a drag racing event recently, coming in at 287.56 km/h (178.68 mph) on a kilometer-long (0.62 miles) runway, using a 50 km/h (31 mph) rolling start.

It's obviously not the fastest 911 we've ever seen, but it should have sufficient power and grip (always) to put up a fight against anything short of a hypercar.




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