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Aftermath Videos Of A Totaled McLaren 570S In London

A McLaren 570S is no more, after it was crashed under unverified circumstances.

The accident reportedly happened in central London, a couple of weeks ago, and judging by the videos that follow, the British supercar appears to be damaged beyond repair.

Its front end is ruined, and so are the rest of its sides, while it's also missing a wheel and the suspension. Moreover, it seems that the engine bay has suffered significant damages of its own, but the passenger compartment has remained in one piece, suggesting that the occupant(s) might have walked away.

One of the videos' description might give us a clue as to what exactly happened, as it says: "this crazy guy [McLaren 570S driver] hit a war pensioner, then ran from the scene". If that's indeed the case, then there's a good chance that at the time of reporting this story, the driver had been identified.

It hasn�t been a McLaren-loving month, as this incident joins another one in which a P1 was extensively damaged in Cambodia, whereas in Georgia, USA, a man was taken into custody after speeding in his 720S on the State Route 400.




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