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BMW M Teaches Us How To Drift

In case you didn't know what BMW M drivers love most about their cars, the Bavarian sub-brand is more than willing to provide us with a reminder.

It all starts with turning the DSC off, which you press and hold for 3-4 seconds until the car indicates that the system has been disabled.

Next, once you initiate the drift (at 15-20 km/h or up to 12 mph ), BMW M recommends using the second gear, especially if you're driving an M3 or an M4, in order to use the torque properly. By the way, to start the slide, you only need to give the accelerator a quick tap if you're already on a slippery surface.

The BMW M instructor also explains how it's very important to take your foot off the accelerator immediately after the rear of the car has stepped out. This is a common mistake for some people, as they forget to lift off once the drift has been initiated, applying continuous power.

The rest of the video is pretty straight forward, extremely informative and detailed. It's a good tutorial, and we recommend it to anybody who's looking to learn how to drift their car - preferably in a safe and non-populated area.




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