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Larry David Trades Prius For BMW i3 In Season 9 Of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Seinfeld co-creator and current star of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David, is driving around in a brand new BMW i3 for the show's ninth season. David drove a Toyota Prius in the show's previous seasons, and was even spotted driving one in real life.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been off the air for the past six years, and to see it keep up with what's trending in the real world isn't that big of a surprise. Aside from the i3, which is has been featured heavily in most of the episodes thus far, a bright red Tesla Model S also made a cameo.

U.S. buyers can purchase a BMW i3 from $44,450, although if they go for the version with the range extender, that will bump the price to $48,300. The most expensive i3 you can buy is the Sport model with the range extender, for $51,500.

If you want to get one that looks just like Larry's, make sure to also get the 20-inch BMW i double-spoke alloys, which are a $1,300 optional extra.




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