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New BMW M5 Sounds Brutal With M Performance Titanium Exhaust Fitted

It appears that the brand new BMW M5 with the M Performance titanium exhaust sounds like a proper brute, worthy of its mega 600hp figure.

With M models of the recent turbocharged past failing to satisfy the ear canals of their owners, especially compared to the AMG rivals, it’s refreshing to hear the new M5 making loud noises again.

The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 now makes 600PS (592hp) and 553lb-ft (750Nm) of peak torque that is sent to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. 0-62mph comes in 3.4 seconds while 0-124mph comes in 11.1 seconds. Top speed can be optionally raised to 189mph (305km/h).

The highlight of the new M5 is the M xDrive which uses an active M differential and of course offers the option of disconnecting the front drive completely for some classic drifting action.

The new generation M5 is also the first one to get a range of M performance parts, including a tricked-out suspension and a louder exhaust system with a titanium rear muffler and carbon tips, which not only makes the new Bavarian super saloon sound more raw, it also reduces counter-pressure.

While the sound will never reach the same quality levels of a good naturally aspirated engine, we’re just happy to see the new M5 barking loudly for the camera.




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