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This Modified BMW E9 CS Will Blow Your Mind

Although the SEMA Show is typically flooded with tuning projects from the aftermarket’s leading companies, dozens of enthusiastic owners also bring their custom-built rides to the show and often, they’re the real head turners.

While attending this year’s event, Car Throttle had the opportunity to check out a modified BMW E9 CS. Be warned, you may have to carefully pick your jaw up from the floor after watching this video.

Everything from the bodywork to the powertrain of this E9 has been overhauled, starting with the engine. In place of the 1960-spec mill is the straight-six of the BMW E36 M3, an engine which produced about 240 hp from factory when sold in the U.S. Not satisfied with such power, the owner slapped on a huge turbocharged and mated the engine to an E36 transmission.

The bodywork of the car is also particularly amazing. There is a selection of new fiberglass panels, including rear wheel arches, which now make the E9 about 7-feet wide. There’s also a set of BBS centerlock wheels. Unbelievably, they are 15.5-inches wide at the rear!




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