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Was The BB 512 The Coolest Ferrari Of Its Time?

As a predecessor to the Testarossa and a successor in name to the Ferrari 512 race car, the BB 512, which stands for Berlinetta Boxer, is the type of rare exotic that leaves you wanting more.

According to Doug DeMuro, even though the BB 512 is far from perfect, once you put your foot down, everything about it should start making sense. It's fast and it will put a smile on your face in a straight line.

Also, you can expect people driving modern day exotics to notice and admire your Ferrari Boxer, which is exactly what happened to him as he was driving this car on the streets of Dubai - a place where the roads are packed with expensive rides.

Inside, the Boxer is plenty quirky, even for a mid-70's Ferrari. You get things like dual cigarette lighters, sun visors that "button" in place, and even storage spaces, which were rare in cars from this era.

On the road, DeMuro found the Boxer to have a "go-kart feel", while commending it for its steering, which he said was great and felt very heavy at low speeds. He also enjoyed the soundtrack and as we said before, the acceleration.

As for what powers this car, it's a 360 HP flat-V12 engine, which also produces 450 Nm (330 lb-ft) of torque. The end result is a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) time of 5.4 seconds.




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