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3 Minutes Of New BMW M5 Driving Reveal Its Amazing Exhaust Note

The first reviews of the new BMW M5 have started flowing in, and with them come a number of videos that reveal the joys of driving the new Bavarian super saloon.

One of them demonstrates the V8 symphony by taking the new M5 out for a short drive on public roads. Now, it seems that the microphone might have been placed near the exhaust instead of the interior, but that doesn’t make the sound any less exciting.

The clip is accompanied by a short caption that reveals the driver's opinion on the latest M-car. So, according to him, "the M5 sounds proper, louder, more aggressive than before, and a more complete and cohesive symphony, with deeper tones and frightening backfire crackles".

We bet we'll soon see a video comparing the sound of the new M5 with that of the Mercedes-AMG E63, which also has a tremendous soundtrack to go with its ballistic performance.




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