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Analyst Claims It Costs Over $2,000 A Year To Service A Tesla

It appears as though the maintenance costs to keep Tesla vehicles on the road are much higher than many would have you believe, at least according to an analyst who went through the companies revenue statements.

In a lengthy analysis, a writer at Seeking Alpha A asserts that, on average, it costs more than $2,000 a year to maintain a Tesla Model S or Model X.

The article itself and the methodology used to come to that figure is extremely convoluted but we’ll summarize it briefly.

What the writer has done is note the maintenance service revenue disclosed by the electric automaker, the number of Tesla vehicles delivered each quarter, and estimated how many months a Tesla vehicle typically spends being driven around.

In 2016 for example, Tesla reported just over $178 million in maintenance service revenue, equating to roughly $107 revenue per car per month. The writer then analyzed the gross cost of Tesla’s car-servicing business throughout 2017, calculating an approximate monthly service bill of over $160 for a Tesla.

As intriguing as the math is, it’s worth noting that the website responsible for these figures is catered towards investors and far from unbiased.

Take a read of the full analysis in the link above and let us know if we failed horribly at summarizing the figures.




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