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Apocalyptic Truck Spotted Pulling Amazon Prime Trailer

In case you're struggling to imagine why somebody would build such a semi, you're not alone. Our best guess is that he's a fan of some dystopian future movie/series - or he just thought that it would look really cool.

The most recent image of the truck was posted by Reddit user captaincardinal3, showing multiple sets of license plates scattered across the front bumper (although only the NJ one is real), a Punisher logo on the front grille and an Amazon Prime trailer hitched out back.

That Punisher logo is a little misleading, since this semi looks more like something out of a Mad Max movie (why, it's even got wheel spikes!), but to each his own.

One thing's for sure, though: getting a glimpse of this truck in your rear view mirror will a. surprise, if not scare, you, b. make you wonder if it's a promo for a movie, and c. most likely, convince you to let it overtake.




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