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Chris Harris Pits New Honda Civic Type R Against Its Acclaimed EP3 Ancestor

The latest Honda Civic Type R is indeed one of the best hot hatches in the market right now, but how does it fare against its much praised EP3 ancestor?

Why the EP3, you might ask? Because that was Honda’s last hot hatch employing a proper independent suspension at the back, allowing the light chassis to be sophisticated enough for its naturally aspirated 200hp VTEC engine. The two generations of Type Rs that followed did a 180-degree turn on that matter as they employed a (cheaper) beam setup.

Moreover, Honda was considered to be the last frontier of naturally aspirated engines until the iconic Civic Type R turned to turbocharging - but that doesn’t mean that it’s lost its mojo.

In fact, and since Honda used a turbo engine in the previous model, we’ve witnessed the Type R rising again as one of the most hardcore hot hatches in the segment.

Does this mean though that the new Civic Type R is a more inspiring drive than its naturally aspirated ancestor? Chris Harris investigates in the video that follows.




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