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Tesla Model S Taxi Fleet Listed For Sale In The Netherlands

An Amsterdam-based taxi company is getting ready to renew its fleet, and as a result, they're selling dozens of Tesla Model S cars.

Registered new in 2014, the zero-emission sedans have in excess of 200,000km (124,000 miles) on the clock, but they're said to have been properly maintained and serviced by Tesla themselves.

Their price tags stand in the region of €40,000 ($47,245), which is not that bad, actually, given that used Tesla Model S' with similar mileage usually retail from €50,000 ($59,056), while finding one that's barely driven means having to pay over €100,000 ($118,112).

There's little doubt that car flippers will take advantage of this offer, so expect to see more Model S electric saloons listed for grabs in different European markets in the near future.

The Netherlands are said to have the largest Tesla taxi fleet in the world, but their dominance is about to be overthrown by Dubai, where 50 electric cars made by Elon Musk's company arrived this fall, with a further 75 units to be delivered next year, and another 75 set for 2019, while ride sharing company Uber also uses a fleet of Model S and Model X EVs in the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.




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