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Jeremy Clarkson Holds Nothing Back While Reviewing Other People's Rides

No matter what you think about Jeremy Clarkson, The Grand Tour host definitely has "one or two" opinions about cars and is never afraid to express them out loud.

In this video courtesy of LADbible, Clarkson takes a look at a bunch of photographs of real people with real cars, which means real feelings are at stake.

Aside from not being a fan of side skirts on old Mercedes C-Class saloons, he also finds plenty to say about a certain license plate number, a weird Fiat, and even the clothes that car owners choose to wear.

Unless of course your name is Katie Price (yes, the celebrity formerly known as Jordan), then you pretty much get a pass - as does your pink Urban-tuned Range Rover, apparently.

As for cars he did like, there's a classic Mustang worth mentioning, which we'd all be hard pressed to ignore, plus a Mercedes SLR, which Clarkson doesn't actually touch on, mostly because of how the picture was taken. You'll understand once you see it.




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