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Renault Kwid EV Plugs Into The Digital Realm

Renault's head honcho Carlos Ghosn has already confirmed that the French automaker will introduce a zero-emission version of the Kwid, and here's a take on how it might look like.

Penned by Kleber Silva, it sets itself apart from the regular models by getting redesigned headlights, fog lamps and a new front bumper, in addition to the plug port that's positioned of the brand's diamond logo.

Of course, the artist should have also removed the fuel filler car, as the electric Kwid won't have an internal combustion engine. There are, however, new taillights with a clear pattern, new alloys and a special badge to the tailgate to emphasize its zero-emission status.

?he Kwid EV will be sold exclusively in China, where prototypes are already being tested, but if everything goes as planned, then it will be launched, at a latter date, into emerging markets such as neighboring India and Brazil.

Apart from the Kwid, Renault is also developing, together with Nissan and Mitsubishi, several zero-emission cars for Western markets as well, which will share the same platform, electric motors, and batteries between them, though each is supposed to have its own identity.




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