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Volvo Air Study Helps Both The Environment And You

Many car designers, and automakers themselves, believe that the car of the future won’t just drive itself but be an extremely comfortable and relaxing form of transportation. With this in mind, artist Pascal Grangier has created the Volvo Air.

Designed to improve the well-being of occupants without expelling toxins into the environment, the Volvo Air has been envisioned with an all-electric powertrain that maximizes interior space.

To make journeys comfortable for passengers, the Volvo Air has an advanced air filtration system and even includes some small plants throughout. Additionally, the two seats are highly configurable and can be used in a traditional seating position or easily converted into a small bed.

Aiding in the feeling of relaxation is a glass canopy and no visible pillars. All told, the interior is incredibly minimalistic and free of any unnecessary distractions, allowing occupants to remove themselves from the surrounding world and enjoy the pleasures of the car.

Does this type of car excite or worry you? Let us know below!




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