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Waymo Self-Driving Engineer Says Humans Aren't Meant To Drive

A self-driving car engineer from Waymo says humans aren’t designed to drive cars in a strange tweet that has left many pundits scratching their heads.

Yesterday, Vahid Kazemi tweeted of his experience almost running over five people in two days while driving a rental car without autonomous features.

“Have been driving in LA with a rental car that doesn’t have the autonomous features that my own car has. Almost crashed ten times and ran over five people in two days! Humans aren’t designed to drive cars!” he said.

The tweet has since been deleted with Kazemi claiming that it was a joke.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to ignore his ignorance. Sure, humans aren’t designed to drive cars but that doesn’t mean we can’t. In fact, many human drivers are better than any of the autonomous systems on offer. The point that many technology companies are designing their self-driving vehicles to mimic the way humans drive tells you that we can’t be all that horrible at controlling an automobile.

In Kazemi’s defence, there are millions of dangerous drivers out there that shouldn’t be on the roads but clearly he understands the error of his tweeting ways.




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